UAA's AAS Nursing Program

  1. I am a pre-nursing major at UAA, and I was wondering if anyone might know if I have a chance at all to get into the program! Here's what I think the problem may be, I only have a 3.78 GPA...long story short, worked so hard to get A's anatomy and physiology 1 and 2, and chem that I neglected COMM 111 and PSY 150 and got B's in those. It's a bummer. Anyways, I have completed most of the co-reqs for the AAS program except ENG 211, and I am currently enrolled in Microbiology and Nutrition. Does anyone know this program well enough to tell me if a 3.78 GPA and 7 out of 10 of the classes completed is good enough? Also, I heard that they don't select people until Summertime so you can finish your spring classes, but I have no idea if this is true, does anyone know? That would be awesome since I'm in micro and nutrition and would have 9 of the 10 co-reqs done!
    Also, I have not taken my PAX yet (I take it in one week!) so even if my GPA and all else is good, I gotta do great on my PAX! (Too bad my vocab sucks...)

    OH this is my first post by the way, I just registered on here cause I have gone to this site numerous times for information
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  3. by   Kaligirl02
    Hi!! A girl in my LPN program said she got alt number 14 and she only had a 2.5
    I think that right now alot of people are trying to do the BSN program because it isnt really based on grades.
  4. by   maddmaddie
    The most important thing to get into the AAS at UAA is the PAX test, students are accepted based on points system. And that test can give you up to 10 points which is alot!

    I took test and I can say it SUCKS! It has NOTHING to do with nursing or the medical field which doesn't make sense why they would use that test. I applied to the ADN program in Kenai and wasn't accepted (they take 12 students and over 40 applied). I ended up completing the LPN program through AVTEC and got accepted into the LPN to RN bridge program immediately, no waiting! (UAA accepts up to 12 LPN students and only 5 applied this year, so we all got in because there was no competition). Once I complete this fall and spring semesters I will graduate as a RN May of 2014. :-)