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Sitka, AK

  1. 0 Hello all,

    can i get some info on the Sitka area.

    as a traveler can i make due for 13 weeks without a car.

    any other info would be nice.

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    hey billy,
    info about sitka..well it is small here, yes you could get away with not having a car, we have public transportation. very small community, hopefully they will set you up with housing as that is in short supply, nurse pt ratios are light, and it might be a fun place to visit especially if you are outdoorsy!! plenty of places to hike, whale watching in the winter, lots of employees have boats and you could fish, kayaking and the weather is not cold like up north..mostly temperate with lots of liquid sunshine....there is limited shopping here though bear that in mind, mostly geared towards tourists..but hey when it is sunny it is beautiful!
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    thank you for the response. i will probably do a 13 week bit during the summer/fall. being from rhode island this will be the opportunity of a lifetime. i will be sure to post my experiences and once again, thank you.
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    Hope you have fun in Sitka!
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    You will love Sitka, I am in Seward, Ak. and miss Sitka very much.