1. can i get a job in achorange as a recent graduate with an adn? i really want to know cause ill need a job there.
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  3. by   123student
    I am wondering the same thing. I am currently in WV and planning on moving up there in May of 08 when I graduate with my ADN. I did call and talk to Alaska Regional and there starting pay is $25.50 an hour with many job openings (web site lists forty or so).
    Craigs List has RN positions with one year experience on a Med Surg floor starting at $35 an hour.
    Do you have family or is it just you?
  4. by   nunieboy
    well its just gonna be me. does it make a difference if i do have a family?
  5. by   scrubsnhugsRN
    Of course you can as long as you pass the NCLEX and you have an Alaska can get a job...just don't expect to be boss lol.....that is where those Bachleors Degree's come into play...
  6. by   MentalRn
    You most certainly will have lots of job opportunities! Providence Hospital's web site has a lot of information for new nurses, programs etc. Also North Star Behavioral hospital in Anchorage is always needing nurses, they also have a nice web page you can view. Always keep in mind that while an add may say that they PREFER you to have 1 year experience, many places will still consider new grads, in fact most do. Alaska is a great place to work. I am currently on contract up here and will be returning to my home state of Idaho soon. Good luck with the job hunting, and be sure and not sell yourselves short, inquire about those sign on bonuses because they are out there.