UAH acceptance?

  1. 0 Has anyone received letters from UAH yet? I've been obsessively checking my mailbox ever since the first of the month and still haven't gotten anything, so.. I was wondering if anybody else has heard anything.
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    I'm in UAH CON. We didn't get our letters until just before finals. I know how stressful this waiting period is but try to be a little patient.

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    It's funny because I actually got my acceptance letter the very next day after I posted. I got in! I'm so excited! and impatient, still! Now I just have to wait till August.
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    Very good!!! I know you are excited. If you need help with anything, questions, whatever, let me know.
    Oh, and do whatever you can to make SURE you get Bianchi for patho. I repeat, make SURE you get Bianchi. You will have a MUCH happier semester. Trust me!!!
    and what size scrubs do you think you need? I may have a shirt and possibly a pair of pants. I am short and had to hem my pants though.

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    I have just applied for UAH fall 2013 nursing program, I have a 3.3 GPA and 5 years work experience in a doctors office and group home. I have 120 hrs volunteer work at a nursing home, do you think I will get in ?
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    Does anyone know how competitive uah np program is? What's a good gpa to increase chances of being accepted?

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