UAB MSN- what is the workload like - page 2

Hello All, This is my first post on! I am a nursing student that is very much interested in continuing my education and pressing forward after undergrad and applying for graduate... Read More

  1. by   morlanmom
    How do you know they are meeting today/tmrw to pick the students?
  2. by   JSoupyERnurse
    I too am waiting on my accetance status. I talked with the program's admission staff prior to last week and they told me that the acceptance committee was meeting last week and that they would be reviewing applications and making their decisions. This process was supposed to be completed by the end of last week. this point we should be looking for our letters to be arriving in the mail at any time between now and the end of the month. Hope this helps and good luck to all of us!
  3. by   UMAshtangi
    Erin: You get some basic pointing in the right direction; however, when I spoke with a big-wig in the department before applying they made it sound like they had peeps all over the place, and would place you with them. Not so in my case....I would rely on your own contacts, and then if the school can help you it's a bonus.
  4. by   JSoupyERnurse
    Just curious if anyone has gotten a letter yet. I keep reading every week that the letters will be mailed by the following week and I'm beginning to wonder if that "by next week" is ever going to come. Seems it keeps getting pushed back.
  5. by   mandyr220
    supposedly we are getting letter this weekend! Anyone post-masters?