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UAB fall 2012 BSN

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    Wanted to start a thread for UAB Fall 2012 applicants. Transfers, current UAB student and 2nd degree candidates welcome to join in. Let's start talking! How is everyone approaching this application? Anyone know of the types of scholarships they offer?
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    Danceluver, I see you post on many many different school sites where you have applied. Just curious, Have you gotten into any of the programs? Your SN just stands out when I am reading sites, and it catches my eye.
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    Rn in Fl---that is so sweet! Thanks for asking...I am in the midst of many applications right now so don't know yet where i will be going, i'm excited about starting my nursing career and hope to have many options when it comes down to choosing the right school in the spring.
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    bump....anyone else applied?
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    I turned in my application and now the waiting begins. I don't have much hope of getting in though. I was told by a faculty member that the avg. GPA for Fall 2011 admission was 3.46. I am closer to 3.20 w/8 yrs as a Navy Corpsman. I suppose it will depend on which they give more weight to, GPA or experience.
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    Got an acceptance letter into Wallace State ADN program. Still waiting to hear back from UAB. At least I will be in nursing school this Fall.
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    i also applied for the bsn program starting this fall. i know that they reviewed and made all admission decisions last thursday, may 24. so we should be expecting admissions letters probably at the end of next week! (june 6-8) just as a guess.

    @hm-8404 i hope you get in!
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    I applied too. I have a 3.2 prerequisite GPA and 3.0 overall so no high hopes for getting in considering last year's average was 3.4. I made an A in both micro and anatomy though and my chemistry was an honors level chemistry from UT so even though it was a C my advisor seemed to think that would help a lot. I have more than 60 volunteer hours from Brookwood and UAB also. My first degree is in public relations so I wrote a pretty good essay and I think that's my best shot. Will post when I get my letter...until then I will probably have anxiety waiting on the mail!
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    I have been stalking my mailman all week. He is probably thinking I like him or something by now.

    Thanks Bamagirl, I hope we all get in.
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    UAB was a no-go. I will start on my ADN this Fall, then get my BSN. Same goal just gonna take longer than I had hoped.
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    I hate that! Good luck though!

    When did you get your letter? Still have not gotten mine.
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    I got mine Sat. June 2nd.
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    I am in! :spin:

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