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Respiratory therapy vs. Nursing - page 2

Hey you guys. I'm in quite a confused state. Recently I've looked into respitory therapy to offset having to wait to get in a rn program. Can anyone tell me if this would be a right move? Wallace has... Read More

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    hm, i will , the respiratory market appears very saturated in the south, jobs i see are usually only prn, part time, i see for more RN jobs.........I would advise the RN first approach.i am both a RRT & RN also
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    After meeting and talking to an RT I decided to go to school for RN. What I learned was there was little advancement opportunities as an RT. With a BS in RT you may one day become a supervisor. Other than that you stagnate where you are. At least with nursing I can advance to a NP or CRNA, or RNFA, among others. This was the best choice for me and my future.