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Question RE uniforms for Jeff State

  1. 0 Hey All,
    What are the uniform requirements for Jeff State? What do you need besides clothing and shoes, ie stethoscope et? I am thinking if I start buying stuff this summer, it will be easier on the wallet than all at once!
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    I have a medium top someone can have. I wore it one semester (5 times).
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    how do they run...true to size, big etc??? Are you selling it or giving it away?
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    Are you still in the program? what else did you need besides uniforms? what are the shoe requirement?
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    White shoes, white undershirt, uniform.
    Stethoscope, penlight, hemostats maybe.
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    I would be interested in the M top if you still have it.
    Just pm me.
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    do the shoes have to be solid white? Do they have to have a back?
    are the Dankso professional clog or the birkenstock with the back acceptable?
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    The shoes have to be plain white with no markings on them (but the little blue heart on NurseMates shoes are an exception) They do have to have a back. The uniforms they fit you for during orientation and then they give you a code/style number to go onto their uniform provider's website and order them from there.

    I've come to realize that Jeff State nursing school is a bit like a cult-- you don't know what goes on in there until you get in. I have a friend that was accepted before I was, and he's answering my questions when I find them. :spin:
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    Depends on which program you are in, RN or LPN. BTW -I have two brand new LPN uniforms for Jeff State that were never worn. Let me know if you are interested.
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    We were told to get the uniforms through the Meridy's website. The tops run pretty true to size, but the pants are unisex and run large. I usually wear a 4-6 and the extra small pants fit me (that was a nice little boost for my ego!).

    Shoes must be solid white leather (she stressed NO COLOR at all). They have to be lace-up with backs. We were told no crocs or clogs. I just bought some skechers...

    Aside from that, I got my steth (color doesn't matter, I asked ), my bandage scissors, hemostat and blood pressure cuff.

    The uniforms were about 50 dollars each, so I would definitely try to find someone who is looking to sell or give away some unused ones.

    Hope this helps!
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    I forgot to post that the two tops are medium, and the two pair of pants are petite medium. The uniforms were bought from Meridy's September 2008.