Providence Hospital Mobile, Alabama

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    I was wondering does anyone know what providence hospital starts there nursing assistants out at?

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    Not sure. I know nurses start at $18.18/hr. I'd imagine that nursing assistants start at $6-7/hr.
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    mobile infirmary and thomas hosptial(fairhope,al) starts new grads at 19.91
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    I am a RN and will be looking to work Flex/PRN in the Mobile area. Does anyone know what flex pay is at Providence (and other Mobile Hospitals) and what the night differential is? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    You don't want to work at providence----TRUST ME!!!!!!!!!! Especially as an aide
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    bsveillon, could you tell me why? I'm just curious as I work at another Ascension hospital in FL. The workload is horrible and aids have 18-20pts a piece (I'm an RN). Just wondering if the workload is the problem at Providence too.