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    UAB's School of Nursing still is accepting applications for the first semester of its new Accelerated Master's Entry to Nursing Pathway (AMNP) for students earning second degrees.

    The program, which begins May 7, is funded in part from a $1 million strategic investment in the School of Nursing by the UAB Health System. It is an intensive 27-month program designed to introduce 45 new nurses annually into the work force, says Norman Keltner, Ed.D., program coordinator.

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  3. by   GaMommy81
    I am highly interested in this program. I am going to apply for next summer. If there is anyone that is currently enrolled in the program and could provide feedback on how things are going, that would be wonderful. Thank you in advance.
  4. by   reneeja
    I am also applying. I would love to hear from someone in the first class. Especially regarding the schedule.
  5. by   GaMommy81
    I would be interested to know if there are any students currently in this program and can give some insight. I really want to apply. Are the classes online or is there a lot of in class time? What are the professors like? How long are clinicals? I am trying to gather all of the information that I possibly can.
  6. by   reneeja
    Hi GaMommy

    I have talked to Dr Kelter in UAB SoN about the program. The first 3 semesters are intense they are in-class as well as clinicals. After that you take the NCLEX (even tho you have no nursing degree) and you can work as an registered nurse. The last 4 semesters are online are more part-time.

    I would love to get in touch with someone in the program to ask questions.
  7. by   GaMommy81
    Thanks for the info. I also sent you a message
  8. by   kjack87
    I am currently in the program and you can pm me for more info..
  9. by   GaMommy81

    I sent you an email asking about the program at UAB.
  10. by   jdanruck
    Quote from kjack87
    I am currently in the program and you can pm me for more info..
    Hey, Kjack87 I cannot pm people right now but I am applying for the UAB program this summer and was wondering if we could talk sometime. My main question is how we get paid after we get our RN (after the first 3 semesters) and start work in the mentorship program at UAB. Will we get paid? Will we have to pay? If anyone can help that would be great. Thanks.