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Congrats to all--huge class, great to see you all at orientation last Tuesday night! Just wanted to list this information I have found, may be helpful to some. --best deal on stethoscopes I have found is (I... Read More

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    well, since they are on blackboard and blackboard isnt supposed to accessable until friday, im assuming they will overlook the prior instructions to bring them to class. im gonna try to do it super early on friday morning...i was confused by why blackboard is starting so late this semester

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    Seems like it would have been better for you to have gotten the vaccine - it was "only" $108-110 (chicken pox)
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    Quote from AmandaDonald
    just so you know, i could not prove that id had chicken pox and it was impossible to get my health records so i had to have 2 titers done...IT DOES NOT SAVE MONEY!!!!!! they charged me 424.82 for two titers,,,,i almost fainted...i just read a reply above mine that said someone got a titer for 25.00, im wondering if labcorp charged me wrong.....hmmm
    Labcorp or the nurse that gave you your titers could have messed up. When I was pregnant and had my glucose test the nurse forgot to file under my insurance. Labcorp charged me $600! I called labcorp and straightened it out.
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    I went through crazy loops to get my titer for chicken pox. Labcorp said it would be 400.00 under my doctor's account, and health insurance won't cover unless it is 'a medical necessity'. After calling several people some guy at a doctor's office told me to go to St. Vincent's occupational health clinic. $40 for the titer! Also, if you need shots, I would suggest going to any county health department OTHER than Jefferson county. Their shots are almost 4 times as much as Shelby, Blount and Tuscaloosa Co. Also, if you need the TB skin test, it is free if you have your blue form and can show it is for school. Health departments require titers. They will not draw them and will not give the shots without a negative titer.
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    FYI - I just got back from Shelby County Health Department. I got my Hep B, TB test & MMR Vac for $39.73. I had the tetanus done last year for around $15.00. The nurse suggested checking cost at American Family Care for chicken pox titer. Good Luck in the program!
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    Where is the Shelby County Health Dept?
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    In Pelham, Exit off I65 South at Pelham Exit (tank exit) - Take left off exit - go over interstate - take L at next light - Shelby County Services Complex is next right

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