Letters go out next week...good luck! Letters go out next week...good luck! | allnurses

Letters go out next week...good luck!

  1. 0 Please post your results if you are waiting on acceptance into ADN program. I'm waiting to hear from Wallace/Hanceville and Jeff State. Good luck to all!
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    Did they say they go out next week for sure??? How many points did you have???
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    AP I = B
    AP II = C (retaking now with A average)
    Micro = A
    Math = A
    Compass 96

    I have a better chance with Wallace for January or wait for Jeff State for May.
    Wallace and Jeff State said letters go out first week of November.

    How about you?

    You can pm me if you'd like.
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    good luck yall
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    i am so nervous... i hope the letters get here fast... do you get a letter letting you no either way?
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    is it a letter or a packet from Wallace and Jeff? I feel like I have heard its just a letter. Anyone gotten an advisor to spill the beans on point cutoff yet?
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    If you get accepted to Wallace it will be a packet containing all of your orientation info, class info, etc. Yes they will send you a letter if you did not get accepted. Good luck everyone!!
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    end of this week Wallace said they would go out! Jeff star told me they didn't know when letters would go out LOL...
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    So Wallace letters go out end of week, meaning we wont get them till next week....

    And Jeff State didn't know when they were going out? I figured it would be later in Nov till Jeff makes their minds up.....
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    The suspense is killing me.... This week seems to have been the longest... I want to make it in so bad. I wished we knew what the cutoff points were, that could give some ideal right? I just hope I turned everything in right and didn't mess up.
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    Looking back at post from last fall... People got their letters from jeff state on the 6th... One lady told me no later than the 12th or 13th because orientation. Guess we will just have to wait.... And wait... And wait.. LOL! Its killing me too! I want in so bad. I'm already planning on quiting work in December and I have my student loans set up and everything! Ugh! Come on letters!
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    Cadnac22, which school are you applying for, Wallace of Jeff? I am applying for Wallace... If I don't make it this time, I will have to retake my AP1 and II since they are changing it two w/n 10 years and have to have two maths since I only have the math 116.... the wait is insane... but hopefully it will be waiting to get in rather than waiting and not getting in. I have wanted to do nursing for sooooo long. I am still gonna have to work but I work from home and my boss is really flexible with my hours... thank goodness....
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    I applied to Wallace and jeff state shelby campus. Jeff state being my first choice :-)

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