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Please post your results if you are waiting on acceptance into ADN program. I'm waiting to hear from Wallace/Hanceville and Jeff State. Good luck to all!... Read More

  1. by   heatherlynne
    I wish you the best of luck!!!
  2. by   coffee&milk
    Quote from Cadnac22
    yes I'm in!!!! :-D shelby campus!
    I believe you are relieved now that you are in the nursing program! Congrats and all the best!
  3. by   Product
    Well here I am friday still no letter. Wallace State TOLD me over the phone I was on the accepted list and had been mailed a freaking packet. Whyyyyyy is it taking so long for it go get to Birmingham.............UGH.............
  4. by   nurseaid07
    I also applied at wallace but I have yet to get a letter to tell me if I made it in or not. I saw where one person say they called and they told them if they were in well they told me they couldnt give out anything over the phone and letter were sent out on the fourth and to call back by tuesday if I still havent recived anything. Im starting to feel depressed oh well there is always my back up lawson's LPN program or apply again for summer
  5. by   Product
    The point cutoff was under 140 for Wallace. I would call tomorrow morning if you dont get your letter. They gave me the info I needed for Orientation over the phone, told me they would have a packet ready for me on the morning of orientation. Don't let it get you down though, its monday afternoon and i still haven't recieved my letter.
  6. by   nurseaid07
    Thanks product, but I just couldnt wait so I gave in and called today and I'AM IN she told me to be up there monday morning by 8am and to stop by the book store to get a nursing hand book. Also she said if I havent finished my loans and other things for my grant I should come up there tomorrow and I could get a print out of my acceptance letter and a package so iam going first thing in the morning. You all have been great thanks iam finally in nursing school after all. Good luck to us all as its going to be a long and hard roll
  7. by   Product
    She literally told me the same thing. I am in, come at seven thirty for a packet since mine never came in the mail. Make sure to get the nursing handbook from the bookstore, they open at seven thirty, it costs like ten bucks. See you next monday
  8. by   heatherlynne
    I am so glad to hear ya'll are in... I am so excited... I can't wait for monday to find out stuff....
  9. by   nurseaid07
    Product where do you live do you want to carpool i live in bessemer where are you from Iam up to carpooling if ANYBODY ELSE IS UP TO IT