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Is there anyone who can tell me when to expect letters from Lawson State for the Fall program? Or.. if anyone has spoken to the nursing staff, what info did they give & would u please share it with us? Thx & good luck to... Read More

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    Hi Cvrgul! we have to wait until the end of this month? Awwh man!!! Well I guess we will have to wait a tid bit longer. I have 183 and I don't think I'll get the 11 pts because I only attended lawson for one semester.

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    Just wanted to stop by & say good luck to everyone! Also, please post on here when ever you guys receive your letters from Lawson State! Thx!!
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    Hey! I got my acceptance letter today!
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    Thx justshe!
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    Hello everyone, I also received my acceptance letter today! Congrats to everyone that was accepted. I wish you all well in the program on your journey to becoming Registered Nurses.

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