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Hey guys, Just checking to see if anybody has heard from Lawson State about entrance in the Fall program?... Read More

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    wow, Lawson had 82 people take the NCLEX-RN in 07-08 and had 63.8% pass rate. That's the last posted set of scores.

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    I really want to attend Wallace. I believe they have their program is more organized and Lawson's pass rates continue to decline. I am dreading the drive to Wallace, but more than likely I will go there. Hopefully, I will find someone who wants to carpool.
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    Lawson's passing rates is starting to scare me! I was admitted to Wallace as well & turned it down! So, my only hope is Lawson. Well.. good luck to you!
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    Well just do the best that you can wherever you get accepted into! You have to make the best out of the situation!! You turning down Wallace probably gave me that RN position cause I missed it by a few points originally but some people turned it down or didn't come to orientation so that opened the slots for others who had applied for both LPN and RN! So Thanks! I was going to just have to go to Lawson to and make the best out of the situation. Maybe they just had a bad year. I talked with some nurses and they said some people had been cheating throughout the course but then could not pass the NCLEX test. So thats how the score was so low but who knows? Just do your best!
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    Thx jazzyjoy for the words of encouragement! You are right, if I shall get in the program..I am going to hold up on my end & make the best out of it! I also heard that there was a problem with the students cheating @ the b'ham program. If that is true, then they & future students should see that cheating will get you no where in life!
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