1. Did anyone aplly to Lawson's spring LPN program?
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  3. by   pixiegalsmom
    Quote from MsLEE2121
    Did anyone aplly to Lawson's spring LPN program?
    I did. I wonder how long til we hear something?
  4. by   MsLEE2121
    I have no clue, hopefully it won't be as long as the RN response
  5. by   pixiegalsmom
    I have heard that before. Maybe with the holidays fast approaching, they will get letters out in a timely manner! Good Luck to you!
  6. by   nurseaid07
    I applied also and I been asking around also and nobody seems to know anything so I'm just waiting lawson is my back up plan just in case im not in Wallace's RN program I still havnt gotten a letter. If you find out sum please post ill post on monday if I find anything or hear anything
  7. by   MsLEE2121
    yeah no one knows anything about what's going on. good luck to us all!
  8. by   nurseaid07
    From what I heard from another student letters should be coming out before the christmas break because we are suppose to have orentation before the christmas break but nobody can give out any dates . so I asked Dorthy young on Monday also before I called wallace and she said they were working on trying to get them out by the end of november or 1st week of december letters should be out .but thats if everything goes according to plans.they may come out a few days early but they are in review thats all she knows. she i not sure of the point cut off either. I plan to turn down my letter if iam in I got into wallace state rn program so hopefully some lucky person can take my seat as I already have a seat at wallace. God is good all the time.
  9. by   pixiegalsmom
    Thanks for the info, and congratulations on your acceptance into Wallace's program. I'd go the RN route if my circumstances were different. But I'm married with two young children and the two year commitment would be tough on family life. So I'm taking "baby steps" by going LPN. After finishing the program, I'll see if I want to continue to the next level and if so, go the mobility route to becoming an RN. Either way, it's going to be alot of work. My A&P instructor this semester told our class this week that she ran into several of her former students who are in the RN program at Lawson and they are not sure that they want to continue the program. It's so time consuming and they're not sure if they truly want to become a nurse at this point. So hearing that and with my personal situation, I'm glad that I decided to go LPN to begin with.

    Good Luck!