Jefferson State Community College Summer 2013 Hopefuls - page 14

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Hello All!!!!!!!! I am starting this thread for every student that plans on applying to the nursing program at Jefferson State's Shelby or Jefferson campus or students that are already in the program; so that hopeful students... Read More

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    Does anyone know a reasonably priced health insurance ?
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    Quote from diamalik
    Does anyone know a reasonably priced health insurance ?
    BCBS has a plan for 63.00 it's the cheapest i've seen so far.
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    Is everyone ready for class to start? Orientation made me even more nervous!! How is the calculations packet going for everyone?
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    I am getting super nervous. I am apply for the part time in fall at shelby campus. I have 187.5 points and 3.8 GPA. My pipeline changed to nursing like some others have talked about but that may not have anything to do with it. Do y'all think I will get in? It is going to take a long time to find out this sem because there is only one advisor. The other at shelby is on maternity leave. I hope I make it!
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    The nursing thing does not really matter. I was practically checking everyday to see if it changed. I had about as many points as you but fall is more competitive. Good Luck!
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    So how horrible is first semester at Shelby? lol
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    If anyone is interested, I have the first semester full bundle of the nursing books!
    All brand new , with the codes never used. Nursing school didn't work out for me, so I need
    sell the books. I also have the uniform as we'll, in the smallest size . If anyone is interested please let me know!!
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    Can anyone tell me what was this past summers cut off was?I have a 170.5 and a 3.25 gpa and I am wondering if I will be able to get in the summer of 14.