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Hello All!!!!!!!! I am starting this thread for every student that plans on applying to the nursing program at Jefferson State's Shelby or Jefferson campus or students that are already in the program; so that hopeful students... Read More

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    I am a transfer student as well and took my teas at another college. However, you would have had to gone on the website and purchase a teas transcript to be sent to the college of your choice. The cost is $26 and they send them electronically the same day. The results you sent in with your packet were considered unofficial.

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    Quote from ark1992
    That's awesome! What would I need to do to get it changed?
    I'm not exactly sure. If you haven't already, I would call someone in the nursing department and ask them if that is an option.
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    Quote from humblyMe
    Hi slturner, hope all is well. How is everything going for you at the shelby campus?
    Well, it's definitely busy - but I love it. I've noticed that a lot of people seem pretty worried about the Shelby campus. I won't lie, it is HARD. But I honestly feel that it will be the same at which ever campus you choose. Right now the biggest thing that I try to avoid is being around anyone who has a negative attitude. If someone is complaining (which happens A LOT) I just go sit in the hall way until class starts. It is a very strenuous program and the negativity will bring you down if you let it.
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    @slturner is there anything I should start studying or any tips you can provide to prepare me for the first semester.
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    I have some advice and that is to get into the habit of studying everyday from day one. There is too much info to wait until two days before an exam if you want to do well. Also get the book Fundamentals Success (you can find used copies cheap) and read the intro on how to take NCLEX style tests. In Fundamentals you are given questions that apply what you have learned and that expect you to think critically. You can't just memorize the info, you have to understand how, when & for who it would be applied. This takes practice and gets a little easier as time goes on. Also, just because you made straight A's without putting in a lot of effort don't think you can get away with that in nursing. There are no bonus points, scaling of grades or easy points to pad your grade. What you get on your tests is it so it is VERY important to take them very seriously. In my opinion Fundamentals is the hardest class. Good luck to everyone. You will do great so long as you READ, READ, READ and STUDY
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    @shaniqawa What has your schedule been like and where will clinicals be held thanks for your advice.
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    ]Ok thanks slturner, and I agree with you as well. I'm def going to stay away from any negativity, because that will began to put crazy thoughts in your mind also. And yes any nursing program is hard, you just have to put it first and put your all in it. And yes I've heard about the Davis series book. Esp for fundamentals. A lot of people say fundamentals is the hardest class you'll take because you have to learn how to take nursing exams, and this info is new to a lot of us.
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    Quote from ark1992
    Congratulations to everyone who got in! I need some advice. I still have to take micro and psychology and I'm worried about taking them with nursing classes. With that said, I'm considering not accepting my spot this summer so I can take those prerequisites and reapplying in the fall to the Shelby campus with 197 points. The only thing I'm worried about is not getting in for fall, and then what would I do? Any advice?
    If you can take Micro before Nursing classes I would! I'm in the nights and weekend program and when I started the program, I had ALL my classes done except for nursing classes. Nursing classes you have to take I. Order, the other classes shouldn't matter. I had Erin Donavan last summer at the Shelby campus and ended up with an A in the class. And the nice thing about taking it in the summer is that since its a shorter semester, they have to cut out some of the information
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    Hey aubgurl, I know I'm going to purchase the fundamental success book. I've heard a lot of good things about it. And which campus did you attend and did that book help you there?
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    Aheart, I am at the Shelby campus. I use that book all the time! It has great test and gives the rationales which is EXTREMELY helpful! Good luck.

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