Jeff State Spring 2014 Hopefuls

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    Hi everyone!! I currently attend Jeff State Shelby Campus. I am applying for the Spring this fall. I am so excited! I have taken the teas once but did not get the store I wanted so I am currently preparing to take it at least twice before the summer is out! So pumped...anyone else?

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    Moved to Alabama State nursing program forum to elicit further response. Good luck
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    I just got accepted into Shelby's night and weekend program. I took the teas and made an 81.3%, which was 121.5 points. Not the best score ever, but good enough to get me in. Are you using ATI study guide and online tests? I found them to be extremely helpful. Good luck!
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    I am currently using McGraw's-Hill's TEAS practice guide. Should I purpose the ATI study guide instead?
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    I currently attend Jeff State and will take the TEAS V in the next quarter....I would also love to know which study guide is best?
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    I didn't use McGraw Hills study guide at all, so I don't know how helpful it is. I looked at the reviews and decided to purchase ATIs study guide. Unless you have problems with math, reading, or English, I recommend focusing on the science portion of the Teas. The science was very broad and covered a lot.
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    Hi! I'm a spring 2014 hopeful and I just applied! Good luck to everyone!
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    What scores is everyone applying with? Just wondering. I just took my TEAS today.
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    I applied with 191
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    I turned in my application today! I guess the long wait can officially begin.. Good luck to all!

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