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October 8th 4:30 P.M. Is the deadline but I went ahead and turned my application in yesterday. I'm applying with 210 points to the Shelby campus. Good luck to everyone :o... Read More

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    Quote from kaylaf130
    I would love it if you would send me anything to help me! do you need my email? and i was wondering i heard you have to start all over if you fail a nursing class, is that true? I was also wondering about micro i am taking it now at the shelby campus hybrid with mrs miller (worst class ever)! has anyone ever taken it at the clanton campus and how does that work with your nursing classes?? thank you!
    Is there some way that you can send me a private message with your email? That would probably work best.

    If you fail a class in your 1st semester, you have to reapply to the program and re-take the class that you failed. If you fail a class after 1st semester you go into Remediation. Which is basically an entire semester of review. Then after you complete remediation, you have to re-take the actual class. If you fail another class after already going through remediation once, then you have to start completely over with first semester. (that's the way it was explained to me).

    If you get a C in the micro class that you're already in, I don't think I'd bother taking it again....esp while taking 1st sem nursing classes. If you absoutley have to re-take micro, do it at night or on the weekends. There really won't be any other chance. Not sure about taking it at Clanton campus, but I wouldn't think it'd be a problem - one of the advisors would be able to tell you for sure though.

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    Quote from Affsana
    Thank you Slturner Are you going to the Shelby campus again? That's where I'll be starting. It wouldn't let you send you a PM so I sent you a friend request. Will that allow messages? I'm so excited and scared lol.
    Yes, I am at the Shelby campus again. I accepted your request, so we should be able to send PMs now :-)

    Don't be too scared No doubt everyone will be completely overwhelmed after orientation and the first full week of class. But it's mainly a bunch of "housekeeping" stuff like making sure everyone has their drug screen complete, background check, physcials, CPR and all that stuff turned in & going over the syllabus, and what they expect from us. It's a lot of hard work and determination. And you'll see after the first couple of weeks that there will be people with negative attitudes. Stay away from that kind of stuff b/c it will drag you down! Trash talk got so bad with the class that I was in that on test days I would put ear plugs in my ears before I even walked in from the parking lot. Try to stay positive & either get in a good study group, or make one. PM me and we can def. talk some more.
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    it wouldnt let me send a private message but my email is, thank you!!!
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    I'm at thr Shelby campus too! I took the first two semesters of LPN before i stopped so I took fundamentals and I agree it was hard. You really gotta relearn how to study and how to take tests. Can't wait to start in January!
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    @ slturner: Thanks for all the great tips. I'm starting at the Shelby campus too and would really like to chat with you about it. I sent a friend request so we can PM.
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    Quote from Bamaview
    Congratulations to all of you. I have not heard either. I hope I didn't do the same as BillieP My percent was 70.7 and I think that is what I put down, because I think it asked for the score not the points. Although very happy for all of you I am very sad for me, I feel like if I was accepted I would have heard with the rest of ya'll. 191 overall But I will be a transfer student. I took all my prereq at Lawson, so it could be that Jeff state students have priority over me.
    I am a transfer student also. I did not complete any pre-req's at JSCC.
    I thought I saw some people get in with less points than 191. Have you called the Nursing department office yet?
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    @ Slturner it still won't let my PM you. It says I must have 15 quality posts. My email is and I'd love that cheat sheet on the cranial nerves. Thank you What kind of stethoscope should I get? There are too many to choose from. Whats skills do you think are the hardest to master in assessment ?

    kaylaf130 I have the same teacher but on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I have an "A" so far but I have heard from former students of hers that so long as you come to class all the time, do all your labs and do all that you can for extra points that she is very generous with her grades. Meaning that most people end up with at least one letter grade higher than they thought they really earned. So just try your best and don't give up I think we're past the hardest stuff now What she's teaching now is VERY relevant to what we'll be studying in nursing so I think it's much more interesting.

    @ everyone
    How old are you? Have you done all your prerequisites?

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    Vaccines at Jeff county health Department (205) 930-1034:
    $20 for TB test
    $59.68 per injection Hep B
    $59.83 MMR
    $22.79 Tetanus/diptheria
    $43.91 TDAP
    $116.59 varicella

    Anybody going to the heathcare provider level CPR course at the Hoover fire department next Saturday? It's only $20 for non-residents .:: HOOVER FIRE DEPARTMENT :.. The Health Care Provider CPR class is available on the 1st and 2nd Saturday of the month beginning at 9:00 am and lasting for approximately 4 hours but you MUST register first and get a confirmation e-mail
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    I got in for the spring semester at the Pell City campus!! I got a phone call but I haven't received my email yet :/ Anybody else??
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    I got accepted into the Shelby Campus . Can't wait for orientation!
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