Jeff State Spring 2013 Hopefuls - page 3

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October 8th 4:30 P.M. Is the deadline but I went ahead and turned my application in yesterday. Iím applying with 210 points to the Shelby campus. Good luck to everyone :o... Read More

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    I agree eacummings89
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    Did anyone put the Shelby/Hoover campus their first choice?
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    I did!
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    How many points did you apply with if you don't mind me asking
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    Nevermind I seen where you posted earlier! I am sure you will get in with no problem!!!!
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    I got my acceptance call this morning!
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    Got my acceptance email today around noon!!!! ALL SMILES!!!!
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    I just got an acceptance email :-)
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    I got in too!
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    I previously posted as 2bRNAndry, but for some reason I can't log in with that username so I just created a new one...

    I just got my acceptance e-mail today!!!! Congrats to those that have already gotten a response and good luck to those that are still waiting.
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