Jeff state hopefuls spring 2010

  1. 0 does anyone think I have a chance with points at 185?? What was the cut-off for fall???
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    it was 186...but it all depends on the number of applicants each semester. So, I would say you have a shot!
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    maybe if I retake my hard do you think it would be to make higher on the compass??? I made a 94.
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    I would definitely try retaking the Compass. I think you have a good shot at 185, but those few extra points can never hurt

    Good luck!!
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    Well I retook my compass today and got a 96, so now I have a 187.. But I did talk to tiffany lane at shelby campus and she said there are going to be changes for spring, one of which will be math, which I already have taken 112 so I have no problem, but I don't know what else is being changed... She said the application is not even out yet.
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    I also did my gpa for the last 24 hours and it is 3.64... Does anybody think the changes in the math requirement will affect the number of applicants for the spring?? I'm really hoping to get in this time! 187 and 3.64 gpa, I feel that is pretty strong but I don't know. The applications for rn isn't even up on the Internet yet.
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    somebody please reply... LOL
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    I would think that you have a good chance! I got in for fall with 188 and I THINK that more people apply for fall admission so I dont see why you wouldnt have a chance!! did you take math 100 and get an A or B?
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    I took math 112 and got an A. Thanks for replying!
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    What is the change to Math?
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    math 100 required now
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    How old can your Math 100 be? I think mines 5 or 6 years old.
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    the change is math 116 will no longer be accepted starting spring 2010... You will have to have math 100 of higher

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