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I noticed there were threads for the other semesters, so I thought I would get this one started. There's another week until the deadline, but I've finished everything I can do. Now it's just waiting.... Read More

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    Hey guys, I've been reading this thread for about a week now. I applied for this semester too & haven't heard anything yet. Actually, I was in the program last semester, but I have to re-take Fundamentals (missed the cut off by ONE stinkin' point!!!). Anyway, I know that it took several days for everyone to be contacted for the Spring semester that I was in, so don't fret yet ;-) You can always call them tomorrow and just ask, they'll tell you one way or another. And like others said, if you don't get in this semester just keep trying. Also remember that Fall is the hardest semester to get into because of the high number of applicants.

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    does anyone know when our orientation would be?
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    Slturner wow missed by one point...that sucks. You had to apply all over again? Why don't they just let you retake that class? I think I will call tomorrow because I'm going crazy.
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    Quote from InPursuitOfHappiness
    Slturner wow missed by one point...that sucks. You had to apply all over again? Why don't they just let you retake that class? I think I will call tomorrow because I'm going crazy.
    Once you're past first semester they will let you do that :/ I don't really understand why they don't do it for first sem.

    For those of you that are in......if you have ANY doubts during your first semester that you might not pass, go ahead and apply again for the next semester. Keep taking your classes, but this way if you need to re-take a class you'll be able to do it without having to skip a semester (like I had to for Summer sem).

    And keep in mind that the grading scale is NOT like other classes. The cut off for a C is 74.5!! Before nursing school I never thought I'd be glad to get a C, but it's HARD. Like someone else said, Read, Read, Read! And to prepare for exams make sure you study N-clex questions & not just from your textbooks. There are some great books that you can find at B&N (or you can find them on Amazon) that have practice questions. They follow the program perfectly. They're by Mary Ann Hogan, Nursing Fundamentals Reviews & Rationales, Health Assessment Reviews & Rationales, and Pharamacology Reviews & Rationales. Sorry for the abundance in info, but I wish I had known about these books when I first started classes!!!
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    Please don't apologize slturner. That's some great info... thanks for it. And lovet, orientation will be July 17th.
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    @kngsbard, Did you receive an email with the orientation/background check info? The lady who called me on Friday said she would email me the additional information, but I had not received anything as of EOD Friday. Just checking. Thanks.
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    thank God.... i was worried about missing orientation because i had already bought a flight ticket to leave the country and come back on the 16th of july.
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    She also told me she would email me more information but she said to give her at least until Tuesday to get the emails out regarding orientation. She did say that orientation was on July 17th at 1:30 for the Jefferson students.
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    Thanks nbrakefield. I got the call 3 days post-op, and still had a fair number of prescriptions in my system. I had to listen to my voicemail and ask my 13 yo kiddo, who had been in the room with me when Jeff State called, to verify I didn't dream the whole thing, LOL. Since I am doing the part-time program, ours is scheduled later in the day. Thanks again.
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    I haven't gotten an email yet either... just the call. I'm planning on going to the financial aid office this afternoon, and will ask while I'm there.

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