Jeff State Fall 2012 - page 7

I noticed there were threads for the other semesters, so I thought I would get this one started. There's another week until the deadline, but I've finished everything I can do. Now it's just waiting.... Read More

  1. by   dreamer27
    ME TOO! Since I know I have more points than some people who have been accepted. Oh well...I need to stop stalking this thread . It's just making me more anxious! I just can't seem to help myself though. *sigh*

    CONGRATS to all who have gotten their phone calls!!!
  2. by   CupcakeDiva
    OMG I need a friggen xanex lol I can't handle this waiting. I guess the cutoff is going to be different for different campuses and nights and weekends. I guess 186 is the lowest points accepted so far? What campus was that? I have 205 points (applied Shelby) and have heard nothing.
  3. by   n.igmatic1
    Thanks kngsbard (love that name, I majored in Theatre a gazillion years ago, and the Bard holds a special place in my heart). Congratulations to everyone who has heard good news. And to everyone waiting, good luck!!
  4. by   kaesmith2011
    I got accepted to the full time program on the Jefferson Campus on Friday !!! I am so excited!! I was expecting a letter but got a call on Friday I was very excited and caught off guard lol. The ones who got accepted on Friday for the Jefferson Campus, have yall recieved your email for the background check website? I was told an email would be sent but haven't recieved one yet but I don't want to call to interrupt other hopefuls being notified . So anyone know the website, and do you have the info for orientation. I have it if you need it.
  5. by   Bsitz
    Do we get a call either way? Accepted or denied? Has anyone got a denial call? Lol I haven't heard anything yet!
  6. by   nbrakefield
    Kaesmith2011, she said to give her until Tuesday for the emails to be sent out. Orientation is July 17th at 1:30 for the Jefferson Campus students.
  7. by   Lgdpd
    Got in part time program (Shelby)!! My last name starts with G...don't know if they are calling alphabetically or what, but got called this afternoon. They said orientation is July 16th at 5:30 for nights/wkends program. Hope this helps! Good luck!
  8. by   kaesmith2011
    Nbrakefield thank you . I'm glad to know she is still sending the emails out. and, I'll see you at orientation lol
  9. by   kngsbard
    I went to the Jefferson campus today and asked about the emails. She said if she finishes calling today that she will send the emails this evening. But she may not finish the calls until tomorrow. She still had a sizable stack of files on her desk. I'm entirely too excited for orientation to still be a month away.

    Glad you like the name n.igmatic1. Most people don't catch that. I'm rather puzzled by yours.

    Good luck to anyone who hasn't heard yet. And I look forward to meeting you all in class.
  10. by   n.igmatic1
    Hi kngsbard, my name is a play on something my boyfriend said on our first date, "You are an enigmatic one my friend, a mystery wrapped in a riddle." It just kind of stuck
  11. by   rachfitz44
    I haven't heard anything yet, either call or email, but I had 205 points and my major under pipeline has changed from pre-RN to RN. Maybe this is a good sign? I hope so!
  12. by   kaesmith2011
    Rachfitz44 my major changed also and I received my acceptance call on Friday. I had I think 220 points and some others got their acceptance calls with less points than you. I was told our points would rank us in getting in so I am hopeful for you !! Let us know what happens
  13. by   Bsitz
    For some reason I can't sign onto my pipeline I'm using my screen name and my password which is originally my birthday right? I wanted to see if mine had changed, I'm really anxious to know whether I got in or not!