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I noticed there were threads for the other semesters, so I thought I would get this one started. There's another week until the deadline, but I've finished everything I can do. Now it's just waiting. I'm hoping to start the... Read More

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    i received an email saying i've been accepted but i was not told which campus though cos i applied for the fulltime program at either jefferson or shelby......i had 205 points

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    I had 190 pts and was accepted to the Shelby campus! I celebrated the past two nights Congrats everyone who made it
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    I made it! I had 210 points I heard that everyone who made it was either e-mailed or telephoned Friday. To those who didn't make it....don't let it get you down. Try again and hopefully you'll get in for the Spring.
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    First of all congrats!!!

    Where did you hear that everyone was contacted Friday? I applied with over 200 points and did not hear anything Friday. I see that someone was accepted with 190 points so. . .just curious if you heard that info from the school or someone else who was accepted to the program.

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    dreamer27, did you apply for full time or for part time? i would assume the two different programs have different cut offs which could be why. i applied with 188 to the full time program and did not get a call or email on friday so if everyone heard back on friday then the cut off had to be 189..
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    I know it's hard waiting, but give it until at least close of business tomorrow (today is Sunday right? I had surgery a few days ago so everything has run together). Keep in mind also there are some who may decline a seat, so don't count yourself out yet. I will keep my fingers crossed for you guys!
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    Congrats to those who made it in. I'm devastated that I did not I had 182 points My only hope of raising those points for admission into Spring 2013 is the 202 anatomy class I'm taking right now and I doubt I'll get even an A in it because we only have two lab exams and one is comprehensive What was I thinking taking 202 in the summer.

    How long do people have to accept or decline? What if only 2/3's show up for orientation? Do they invite the runner-ups? How does that work?
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    @InPursuitOfHappiness; the person from Admin (cannot give names per TOS) asked me Friday morning if I was accepting the seat. I would call the school later in the week if you still have not heard anything and ask directly. I don't want to give false or incomplete information regarding admission. I hope that you guys get a positive response!!! Let me know if I can be of any help.
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    I have 205 points and have not heard anything so I do believe MistyWinters is Wrong I feel very confident that I am accepted after seeing other peoples points and if I am not accepted then someone in administration has some serious "splainin" to do!

    InPursuitofHappines if you are stressed out and don't think you can do a comprehensive anatomy lab exam then how in the heck do you think you can learn and memorize what you need to to become a nurse? Think about it!

    Thanks for being the voice of reason in this thread
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    I was told that by someone who works in the admissions office. Did ya'll check your Jeff State e-mails? Maybe you calculated your points wrong CupcakeDiva (what a name lol). I'm so excited and went out and bought a dosage calculations book to start practicing. I can't wait to become a

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