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I went to the Shelby campus of JSCC and talked to and advisor about my chances of getting into their program. She said I have 194 points, and a 3.59 GPA and told me that unless something goes... Read More

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    Hi! Got your email but can't figure out how to respond on here. I assume I have to upgrade to do so..and just never make the time. I took BIO 201 & 202 at JSCC and made A's, but had to study hard. My professor was awesome and I learned a lot, but I needed a stress break for the summer...and wanted to enjoy the kids and the pool for a few weeks. I'm so glad I decided to take Micro at Faulkner. I made a 99% and breezed thru it. The instructor was so sweet and taught at a level that everyone could understand. The only downside is that they don't cover all materials in the text. But, I was told that what you need to know in the JSCC nursing program they will teach you. Just contact the advisor, Kyle Bain, and she can give you details about the professor...she knows who JSCC students request. If you take notes and pay attention in class, it's an easy A.

    Do you have a JSCC email? I can give you more info that way. :wink2:
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    Last semester it was everyone who had above 183. The nursing advisor said not as many people applied this time. However they also may not take 70 people like they did last semester. You will all see soon enough though If you have over 190 - then your in - as long as you have above a 2.5 GPA. I know a girl who had a 2.6 GPA who got in. So don't worry about the GPA as much.
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    I Got In! I Got In! I Got In!

    Going To Celebrate!!!!!!!!
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    I got in!!!!!!!!!

    See you on the 12th!

    Congrats to everyone!

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