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Ok, so I was wandering through our lovely states forum, and I couldnt find an intro page.... So............... thought Id make one! I have been a nurse for almost 12 yrs, currently work in CCU in... Read More

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    Quote from remmy3
    Hi all, I am currently an LPN almost finished with my ADN!! Graduate in May! I am working on ADN at CACC, seen a few more folks on here that have attended CACC. I am planning in the future to pursue the step program at JSU. But for now I gotta get finished with this and work a little. Hope everyone is doing well!
    Hi there! I'm Sandi and am currently in the ADN program at CACC. I'm just in my second semester so not quite where you are. Whew, that second semester they throw you right in there don't they??!!! Just started last week and already have clinicals starting this Wednesday. These are on the Transitional Care Unit so I don't have a clue as to what to expect. Anyway, nice to meet you, maybe I will run into you at school some time. Good luck in your last semester!!!

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    Hey Sandi, Im also in my last semester. They never waste time. One of our groups had clinicals last wednesday. Id much rather have them early in the semester and get finished before finals. I have 9 next month. We only have 12 this semester. But Im ok with that. I wont be doing clinicals up until the day before finals this time!Good luck with everything, if ya need any help let me know. Are you taking 105 and 106? Nice to meet you as well.
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    Yep, taking 105 and 106. They say that the worst part is the Fluids, Electrolytes and Acid Based Balances test. The instructor gave us a break this semester and didn't start with that, we are starting with module C instead of A. Wish I only had that many clinicals! We have 12 for 106 and 6 for 105 so we have 18 all together!!! And they wonder why so many fail out of the course!!! How are we suppose to have time to study??? I also have my first test this Thursday!! Argggggg! I'm stressing already! LOL!
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    please do not post names of instructors, individuals. we try and protect one's identity here on the world wide web. per [font='comic sans ms']terms of service (tos):

    please do not give out personal information about others. do not name names where anyone could identify the person in any facility including your nursing programs.
    thank you.
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    When we did F and E it was taught the first day of class and was the last module test of the semester....go figure.... 12 clinicals arent bad, but i also have 150 hours of precptorship to do. which is 12.5 days. Itll be ok though,Im doing 8 of those this month, and Ill finish the rest in March. Anyway, gotta go remember how to work all these dosage problems for the test! oh , about the test and clinicals, time management, you'll learn how to get it all done.
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    Hello everyone, I just joined allnurses and this seems like a pretty cool site to get great info, advice, and even do some venting. I'm am currently looking to into Jeff States nusing program. I have B.S in a different field, work full-time and have a family. I would love to talk to anyone that has gone through their night and weekand program and wouldn't mind sharing their experiences/advice.
    Go Tigers!
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    to all of the new members!
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    Hi!!! My name is Niki. I am 21 and married to my sweetheart and we have 2 beautiful baby boys. I am starting at CACC this summer with my pre reqs. I hope to get accepted into the Nursing program the earliest this fall and the latest Spring. I can't believe how many people have or are going to CACC.
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    Hi- I'm a little belated in introducing myself-

    I'm Rachel. My screen name comes from the fact that I was a roller derby girl for a bit over a year- had to quit before I got any good. =) But Temper Tantrum was my "Nom de Skate"

    I was a psych major for 5 years- unfortunately it took me starting to fail my classes before I realized that I was more interested in nursing- which was one of the two things I tried to decide between when I first started school.

    Waiting for an acceptance/rejection letter from Jeff State now.
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    Hello , my name is Nakki . I am married with 4 children and i currently attend Lawson State. Last semester I completed my pre-reqs for the ADN program and now I am waiting for an acceptance letter from both lawson and jeff state. This semester I started taking pre-reqs the BSN .

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