Info about Calhoun Comm College Fall 2009

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    I thought I would pass along some info I recieved this morning for those of us waiting to hear back from Calhoun. I recieved this info from a press release at the chamber of commerce (I am a member and they sent this info out in a newsletter). Anyway, they said that applications were up 36% from Fall 2008 applications and gave the number breakdown as follows.

    The comparison of 2008 to 2009 applications by program is below:
    2009: ADN/RN: 544 2008: 449
    2009: PN (Practical Nursing): 211 2008: 161
    2009 PTE (Part-Time Evening): 277 2008: 145

    Beginning this fall, the college will now admit two classes of Associate degree nursing students – one in August and one in January, a first for Calhoun. According to McGill, a total of 200 students will be admitted for the August class -- 120 associate’s degree (ADN)/RN students and 80 licensed practical nursing (LPN) students. One hundred additional ADN students will be admitted in January 2010.

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    I've heard that the cut off points for RN last year was 151. Does any one know what the cut off for LPN was?
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    thank you for the info!!...

    wow.... i've just had my 30 mins of panic/crying time so now i'm ready to face it. so a total of 220 (ADNs) will be accepted right?? instead of last years 300?? wonderful..hah. and almost 100 more applications..great. maybe i've still got a chance. just smaller now. I promise i'm usually so SO positive. i'm just not feeling it tonight. i'll just pray hard until june that 179 pts will be good enough!!

    good luck and best wishes to everyone!!
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    No, a total of 120 for the ADN program for this fall and 80 for the LPN program for the fall. The additional 100 admits will be in the Spring. So 220 TOTAL for the whole fall program.

    I agree with you Laura Ann, I was a little freaked out myself and I am ususally pretty upbeat. I went to UAH yesterday and registered for classes. I can complete my BSN quicker than getting into an ADN program. Kinda sad......

    With 179 points though, you ought to be ok!
  6. 0 did you apply to Calhoun??
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    Yeah, that's not really reassuring. It would be better for me if I could count my Summer Micro class since that's the only pre-req I'm missing.
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    ...I'm sorry!! We've just got to stay positive!! I know I've really been beating myself up about this the past few days. It's put me in like the worst mood ever (so thankful for understanding family/boyfriend) I'm tired of being worried, so I'm just going to let it go until June. I need to focus on graduating right now!!
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    Oh no! I didn't mean to make us all second guess ourselves! After all, somebody has to get might as well be us!
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    I stress myself out enough over it anyways. I guess I never really thought about "what if I don't get in". I'm going to Nursing school one way or the other
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    This is probably a really stupid question, but on the application we filled out there was a ADN Curriculum. Do yall know if that is ALL the classes we have to have to get our degree?? I assumed it was, and the advisor I spoke to said that was it, but I just looked at the 2009-2010 catalog and they had other things listed as well...(like literatures and histories) that weren't on the application curriculum...??

    help?! ha

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