Huntsville Hospital test?

  1. I had an interview today with huntsville hospital (it was my 2nd!!) and the nurse manager said all new hires have to do a test? Does any one know what this is? Do I need to study?
    Thanks!! I'm relocating to Huntsville and I heard this is where I WANT to work if I can get in, so of course I want to be successful!
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  3. by   BakerT16
    May I ask HOW you got an interview at HH??? It is hard and I have been applying for weeks!
  4. by   ErinBSN
    I just applied to the website, I'm relocating to the area and they liked my resume. I applied for the ED position, but than I saw the Endo and jumped. They said they jumped on me because I'm current on both ACLS and PALS. I don't know if that's what pushes but that's what made me stand out.
    I am also active in my community here, I do a lot of volunteer work and i think that helps. I do flu shot clinics, work at the free clinic etc.
  5. by   ?burntout
    It's probably a math test for drug dosages, etc. I don't work at HH but most hospitals do give a math test.
  6. by   nursejad
    Hi BakerT16, i know this post is years old but I just wonder if you ever did get a job at HH?? I have been applying for weeks too so if you could tell me whether you got a job or not might keep my hopes high...or low...Thank u much!

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