How many of us are waiting on letters from Calhoun?

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    Hey Ya'll,

    I've been a lurker to this board for a while and just decided to join.....what the heck! Anyway, I just wondered how many of you (like myself) are waiting on an acceptance letter from Calhoun. That is if one come! :0( Do any of you know a timeframe for the letters? And what about it you don't get they let you know?

    Good luck!:spin:

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    Rumor is at the moment, that the letters will go out mid to late June. I don't know if they inform everyone, or just those that got in.
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    I was told that they notify you no matter what. I can't remember who told me though, I think it was the woman who took my application.
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    That's good to know.
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    today is exactly the middle of june. time to start checking the mail 5 times a day haha good luck and best wishes!
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    I'm patiently waiting and waiting...
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    do we know the point cut off?? or is there even a way to tell??
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    It would be great to know the point cutoff! I'm afraid with the huge increase in applicants that the points will be high!! If y'all hear anything post it! Thanks for all the posts!
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    I'm so nervous :uhoh21::uhoh21:
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    nothing today...time to wait another 24 hours. :icon_roll

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