herzing college

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    is there anyone out there that is attending herzing college lpn-rn email me

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    I need to find out the same information.
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    I am going to Herzing college. What questions do you have?
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    how far are you in the program? how is it? email at dartiss51yahoo.com
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    dartiss5 - are you currently attending Herzing, or just trying to get info before deciding to attend?
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    well i did the teas and pass lastweek so i am waiting now to hear what next to see if i can get in for sept 7
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    I'm in the 2nd half of my first term here and it's very fast paced with a lot to cover in a short time frame. There are only 3 semesters, but each semester is broken up into two terms of 8 weeks duration, so each set of classes lasts 8 weeks...you get twice the classes in the same amount of time that way. With 8 weeks for a semester of classes, it's a lot of material to cover. My first term I had 3 classes and was at school from 8 - 12, 5 days a week. I had two wonderful teachers and one horrible teacher (but she is no longer associated with the school, so you don't have to worry about that). I'd have to say I'm pleased with my choice thus far.
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    can i keep in contact with you. i am from atlanta so i am planning to rent there so is there school on fridays. did you have any pre-req before. is that why you go 8-12. i want to thank you so much for the info.you can brief me ant thing else i need to know thank you
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    does Herzing have a part-time or night program? I'm going to their informational meeting next week and was just wondering since they won't give info over the phone.
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    Herzing's program is FT days only. Unless you have pre req's to transfer with you, you will go all day. I didn't like the limited flexibility or the price tag so I chose another school.

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