Gadsden State Community College RN Hopeful - Fall 2011

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    Hi all,

    New to the forum & just curious:

    Anyone else out here applying to GSCC for the Fall 2011 ADN program? Or recent grads from GSCC that can give some "general" pointers?

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    I am applying for fall 2011 RN program. Have you taken the TEAS test yet? I'm wondering if my score was good or not. I do have it scheduled to retake it though just in case it wasn't good enough. Are you in school already at Gadsden State?
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    Yep....took it & hope that my score was high enough. I took it on March 4th, and considering that you have to wait 6 weeks to retake it....I cant. The last date to test is April 8th & that put me at 5 weeks.

    I'm taking classes now. Are you?
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    yes i'm taking classes now. I'm retaking the TEAS next friday the 25th. My first score was a 69. If you don't mind telling me what did you score on it? If you don't want to share I understand. I am just curious what my chances are about getting in. I will have all my pre-requisites finished by the fall semester.
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    I made a 75. The science section SERIOUSLY hurt my score. I aced the other sections.

    I will have my pre-reqs finished this summer. All I have left are A&P II & Micro.
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    I have to take micro and my humanities this summer. Well maybe my 69 isn't as terrible as I thought. are you taking day classes or night classes?
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    Day class. My A&P is on T & TH. I'm taking Human Growth/Development & Speech online.

    The 69 isnt bad at all....from what they've been saying about the scores. Hey, at least you have A&P II out of the way. That's extra points added to your composite! I wanted at LEAST an 80 on the TEAS.
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    i'm taking those classes online too now...who are you taking them from? I'm currently taking A&P II now in class.
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    PSY with Guffey & Speech is with Groben....or whatever his name is.

    What did you use to study for the TEAS?
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    im taking guffey for psy too..we probably have same class. I bought the study manual but after taking the test the first time without it. The science is very over my head considering I haven't had life science since 9th grade, which was nearly 18 years

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