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First Job Hunt Help in Mobile,Al

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    I am applying for my first RN job in Mobile,Al new RN,BSN grad 3months out,just passed boards I was wondering does anyone know what is the starting pay for RN's in Mobile,Al at hospitals on Med/Surg floors? I've heard so many different numbers from 20-21/days and 23-25/nights but idk how true it is bc these were ppl who worked at the facilities yrs ago. Ive applied at all the area hospitals just waiting to get a call now (fingers crossed)! Can anyone tell me the expecting pay in the area? Thank u soo much!
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    Moving to AL Nursing Forum for more AL-specific answers.
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    20-22/hour at Providence for a new grad.
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    Thx does anybody know about USA or Mobile Infirmary??
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    I worked at USA, day shift with one year of experience and my pay was $23 a hour. I can't recall shift differential. Mobile Infirmary is comparable; they are right down the street from each other.
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    Thanks Lchiang. I just got hired USA night shift at 24.75 but thanks for answering my question....for ppl searching Mobile Infirmary starts new grads off at 21/days idk nights and USA 20 ( with BSN & 19.50 ADN)/days and 23.75/nights(BSN)& 23.25 ADN and they pay .50 extra for each certification (ACLS, PALS) and they will pay for two of them for you to take.
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    I'm curious!! How are things at USA? What area do you work in?

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