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  1. I am looking at relocating to the Muscle Shoals area and have interviewed at Eliza Coffee Hospital and really liked the hospital and unit. I just wanted to know if anyone who worked there could give me some of their thoughts on the place. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. by   ?burntout
    I worked at ECM for 11 years before my position was terminated in the fall of 2008 (I was a pool/per diem employee and the hospital was having financial problems-about 90% of the pool employees were let go in an effort to save $$$).

    For the most part, I really enjoyed working there and if I was to find another job I wanted and received, I'd work there again. I was a brand new grad when I started working there and I felt I got a good orientation. My co-workers were always helpful and if I was pulled, other staff were pretty helpful as well. The ancillary departments are pretty good to work with as well.

    ECM does have issues like all other hospitals: short staffing/undesirable patient:nurse ratios being one and a biggie; patients being placed on inappropriate units (sometimes can't be helped and others....well..); management not listening to the nurses and sometimes the doctors. Most of the nurse managers are decent but of course there are always a few bad apples.

    They do a large amount of computer charting as well as use a computer system for administering meds. I didn't get a lot of experience with the med system but once I got used to the charting, I loved it.

    They also had great benefits but that may have changed. The hospital went under new management as of last summer so I don't know about any new or old issues-most of my friends from there I don't get a chance to talk to anymore.

    If you have anymore specific answers, ask me and I will try to answer them for you. I'd be curious to know which unit you interviewed with.
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    Thanks ?burnout for your reply. I really liked ECM Hospital as soon as I walked in I could feel I liked it. Much more compared to Huntsville when I interviewed there. I interviewed in for the ICU and met with the nurse manager of the ICU and CCU. I loved them and the units. But I just found out yesterday that they filled it internally, which really sucks, but I am trying to be patient. It is hard in that area of Alabama because of so few hospitals and few that are hiring. Where are you working now? I still hope to get a job in that area and am applying to everything I can. Wish me luck.
  5. by   ?burntout
    It is a difficult area to find a job in right now: I've been looking myself since the beginning of the year.

    Currently I'm staying at home with my youngest child: I've been home with her since I was let go from ECM in Fall 2008. She was 11 weeks premature and had some health issues so I really needed to be with her. She is 3 now and doing well.

    Good luck with your search. If I see anything, I'll let you know.
  6. by   SarahRN24
    I am curious about what a 'Flex" position is at ECM? And also about the pay? is Flex pay the same as PRN pay? And compared to HH, does ECM pay RN's better?
  7. by   ?burntout
    Quote from SarahRN24
    I am curious about what a 'Flex" position is at ECM? And also about the pay? is Flex pay the same as PRN pay? And compared to HH, does ECM pay RN's better?
    I think the Flex would be a rotating position, if I remember correctly: 1 week days, next week nights. If you work past 3pm you would get a shift differential. The PRN, full time and part time all make the same amount (no differential for prn compared to f/t); they started that years ago because so many of the full time people were upset that prn people got paid more than they did but of course if you were pool you had to pay out of pocket more for benefits. :uhoh21: As far as HH and ECM pay rates go, I'm 95% certain HH RNs make more than ECM RNs by a long shot.