Can I sit for LPN board after 1st yr of RN school?

  1. 0 My CRNP told me that I should sit for my LPN board since I have completed my 1st year of RN school, but I cannot find any information about this for Alabama. Does anyone know? I sent an email a month ago to the alabama board of nursing inquiring and I never got a response. Maybe if not in Alabama can I do this in Mississippi
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    No you can't. AL board of nursing said that you have to complete an LPN program to apply for LPN license. If you have other questions call the AL board of nursing. I was going to try to sit for my license also since I completed my first year of RN school, so that's how I know.
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    I have heard that you can do Nurse Assistant after you've begun clinicals....haven't taken the time to confirm that though...
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    Yes, that is true. You have to get a letter from your school of nursing stating that you have completed your fundamental nursing class with clinical.

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