Calhoun Spring 2012 Applicants! - page 2

Anyone else apply for spring 2012 nursing program at calhoun? I'm so nervous but I'm hoping I got in I got an A A&P1 a B in A&P2 a 72 on my TEAS and im still not sure any of that is was enough to get... Read More

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    The waiting is killing me but I'm starting to psyche myself out. I know the day I get my letter is getting closer and closer. But I'm soooo worried I won't get in.

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    Me too me too!!! Everyday I go to the mailbox with butterflies in
    my stomach. Surely this is the week!!
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    Got my acceptance letter today!!! YAY!
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    Me too!!! Excited and nervous!!!
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    Does anyone know when we register for classes? tuition is due before orientation so im a little confused about that.
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    When is tuition due? I didn't see it anywhere on the letter? I got in too! Congratulations to both if y'all!
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    I think they do all the registering for you.

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