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Hello to all! I am currently awaiting a letter from CCC, hopefully it's a letter of acceptace. I am so nervous/worried about getting in. I applied this Fall for SPring of 2012. I was wondering if... Read More

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    Im sure you'll get your s tomorrow they were marked nov 15. Good luck! Brit congratulations ! Is your orenation dec 14 as well?
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    Yes! Orientation is Dec 14th, which is a little confusing to me since tuition is due on the 6th.
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    Does anyone know when those of us who got accepted should register do we wait until after orientation???
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    I am currently in the nursing program and we had orientation one week and registration the next. For the first semester they have to do your registration, after that it is up to you! Congratulations and Good Luck!
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    I did too and Graduated! who is this? You were in my class!

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