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    can anyone tell me how long do you have to wait to receive an acceptance letter or deniel letter from bishop state community college nursing program? or has anyone received anything for spring 2012 thanks!!

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    I applied, I called them and they said probably mid November but that was a month ago... Did you do well on your TEAS and Courses that go towards the points?
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    I recently graduated from Bishop and I got my acceptance letter 3 weeks before classes started.
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    Moved to AL Nursing Programs Discussion forum for more responses.
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    I did pretty well on my teas test for not even seeing alot of that stuff in some years. Guess. I'm really anxious
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    Thanks u guys
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    i applied and im n da same boat.....i called today n the lady told me that all of the letters should be sent out by tuesday so GOOD LUCK! She said that everybody will know b4 thanksgiving whether r not u were excepted or denied. I scored a 63 on da teas test...i hope that n my grades or good enuff to get n
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    thanks for the update and good luck to you too!!
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    Spoke with the office staff today letters were mailed on monday afternoon

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