Bevill State Nursing Program... food for thought

  1. This is being posted for anybody that is considering the Bevill State Nursing program. I have heard lots of good things about the program from students that were there in the past. This is being posted as an up to date status on the program. In the past 2 weeks I have talked to two of the people in my class, 5th semester, that are having trouble doing their preceptorship. The first student was assigned to a nurse that has been off work on medical leave for a couple of months. I assumed the school would call the nurse to tell them who to expect as a precepting student this semester, not let the student try to locate the nurse and find out she is not available. The other student found out her precepting nurse had been "double booked". The school had assigned two students to her. The second student may be put in a postion where she will have to do her preceptorship during the summer, and graduate a semester after the rest of her class. Between the Sumiton and Jasper campuses, I am fairly certain these are not the only two with major problems, just all I know of personally.

    Nursing school is stressful enough when the staff is doing their jobs. This is rediculous! I am just thankful I am not having problems with my precept.
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  3. by   futurernjap
    Thanks for the info! I really am hopping to get into musing school by fall.. Bevill being my number 1 goal... U really don't see much on it on this site.. Sp I'm glad someone posted something. My goal schools are bevill, Lawson, and Wallace... Is bevill a pretty good program other than those problems u named?
  4. by   cpl_dvldog
    I really have nothing to compare Bevill to. I have 3 friends and family that have graduated their nursing program. They all really liked it, that is why I chose Bevill. I am a 5th semester student and I am not impressed with the organization there. If something does not go as the staff had planned they make it the students problem. What I mean is if an instructor is unprepared for a situation, for whatever reason, they make it the students responsibility. They also show a difference toward the students on the Jasper and Sumiton campuses. My biggest gripe this semester is they have combined the Jasper and Sumiton 5th semester students into one class.

    Overall, my biggest complaint is the staff acts like the students should be glad they were allowed to take part in their program. Also you are at their mercy as to whether you pass or fail. When you take your final exam you are NOT allowed to see your actual Scantron. You will be given a sheet of paper telling what you marked on each question, A, B, C, etc. I'm not saying it has happened, but it sure would be easy to get rid of a student if the staff decided they don't like them for one reason or another. We had several students that went into the 3rd semester final with solid B's, and they failed the final so bad they failed the semester. Hmmm..... Kinda odd. A couple of them had been LPN's for many years and were doing great in class. They just butted heads with one of the teachers.

    I am not right out of high school and not used to college. I already have a degree in finance from UA. I went in knowing what to expect.
  5. by   futurernjap
    Thanks! I really appcuate and value how honest and direct you are. I guess re old saying fares well "no nursing school is without it's problem" but your in your 5th semester so clearly your doing very well! Thts very inspirational. Sorta gives me hope:-)
  6. by   alovejones
    Hi! I am a pre-nursing student at Bevill. Thanks for your post. I have always heard great things about Bevill's nursing program, but sadly I see that things must have changed. I was a LPN student there back in 2001 and it was great. I also wanted to ask you a question. Could you describe to me what the nursing uniforms look like? Or post a pic if you have one. The reason I ask is because I have one that I borrowed from my sister and was wondering if it is the same one. (This would probably save me alot of money if it's the right one lol)
  7. by   cpl_dvldog
    Our uniforms are the blue scrubs, and the ugly whites with the green and purple stripes on the sleeves. The class behind me has a different white uniform. I was told they have white scrubs and blue scrubs. I am not positive about this though. Sorry I could not be of more help.
  8. by   RN1488
    You can't blame this all on the school. The hospitals may also be at fault. That was the case with on of my classmates. Yes I am a bevill graduate. It has its issues but is a great school!
  9. by   cpl_dvldog
    Quote from AmyARN
    You can't blame this all on the school. The hospitals may also be at fault. That was the case with on of my classmates. Yes I am a bevill graduate. It has its issues but is a great school!
    When 2 students, from the same school, are scheduled to be with the same preceptor it IS the schools fault. When the school then tells that student they are so short on preceptors they may just have to do their preceptorship during the summer, that is the schools fault also. When the school gives a student a precept nurses contact info, and when that student is finally able to get in touch with the nurse, and is told she is off on medical leave, and has been for several weeks. Just may be me, but I would say that is also the school's fault.

    Maybe I am too picky, but when my class is constantly preached to about how we are to be professional at all times while in Bevill uniforms, it gripes my ass that they drop the ball all the time. It would not be so bad if they actually acted like they cared, but they act like fixing their screw-ups is an annoyance.

    But hey, as long as the staff get their paychecks on-time everything is just great.
  10. by   futurernjap
    so how many students generally get picked each semester? i talkede to a advisor today and she told me my teas score was excellent! hopefully shes right! and ive heard good and bad things about every nursing school. and by the way i am thinking about west alabama nursing school now... has anyone heard anything about them? from what ive heard they go by grades and act score.. and if u have a 21 or over act score your guarenteed in...if anyone out there goes to the program/heard about it, can u tell me about the program?
  11. by   cpl_dvldog
    We started 1st semester with about 80-85 students in Sumiton. I would assume Jasper started with just as many, or more. Going into 5th semester we have about 90 students combined. That also includes the LPN's and such we picked up along the way.

    It is so competative to get in any nursing school I would suggest you apply to them all, then choose from the ones that accept you.
  12. by   futurernjap
    thats what im planning to do. i want to apply to bevill, wallace, shelton, and west alabama. im really considering doing a lpn program and switching to the rn because ive heard its a little easier doing lpn... and does your school give the option of dropping down to lpn from rn or going up from the lpn to rn program? i know some schools do, just didnt know if you all did either...

    and if you could have went to any other nursing school other than bevill which would u have chosen?
  13. by   alovejones
    Thanks for your reply about the uniforms.
  14. by   Tooimpatient
    I am currently attending Bevill State, in the RN program. The problem isn't just with Bevill State Nursing, it's with Bevill in general. They are not organized, they lose paperwork all the time, and honestly nobody ever seems to know anything. I've been told several different answers by several different people about very important things that you would think SOMEBODY would have the answer to. Now that being said, I am doing well in the program and I do love it, it's just that the staff could use a little more togetherness and get their facts straight on things.

    Somebody mentioned the uniforms, they have changed them and yes it's true you now have a blue set (for hospitals) and a white set (for nursing homes). They are solid colors with a round Bevill patch that you have to sew onto the front.

    Anyways don't get me wrong, I think the program is worth going into, and I'm very glad I did. You just have to take extra responsibility and make sure you get the things done that need to be done or you could end up in a big predicament. You have to be responsible for yourself and always double check with someone else to make sure you were told the right thing lol.

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