Anyone else having trouble renewing online?

  1. I have had an Alabama nursing license since 2000, and I have faithfully renewed it every two years, even though I live and practice in TN and hold a license there.

    My AL license expires 12/31/2010, and when I went to renew it online today, they wanted $200!!!! I will let it lapse and reinstate it later before I pay $200 instead of the $75 that it is SUPPOSED to cost. Did I miss some arbitrary deadline for renewal? I figured if it expired 12/31, i had until then to renew it. Besides, I didn't get a single reminder notice that my license was email, no mailed notice, nothing! Has Alabama stopped sending them?
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  3. by   victo019
    I think that somewhere on their website it states that you must renew by Nov 30. If you renew after that it is considered late. Something about them not having time to send ur card by Jan is you renew after Nov 30 so you would be working without a license. I just graduated in May and paid the money for mine then and had to turn around and pay again. Bogus!!!!!
  4. by   ?burntout
    Any renewal after Nov. 30, 2010 is late and you will have to pay more fees.

    You should have received something in the mail to let you know about renewing if you are actively licensed in AL. It is important to make sure that the BON has your current address as well as email.