Anyone applying to UAB accelerated BSN program for Fall 2010? Or have you went there? - page 2

There are many posts on the MSN program, but not really any on the ABSN program. Maybe I'm the only applying :D. Yeah right. I've applied to both UAB and UF for fall '10. I have already taken the GRE but wanted to get my MSN at... Read More

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    Yay! Yeah my over-the-phone advising is Tuesday. I also applied to University of FL. I chose UAB because I have all the prereqs and heard it was a good school.

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    I heard the same!! What is your GPA/undergrad degree? GOOD LUCK!
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    I talked to the advisor today. I have a 3.4 science gpa. She told me a lot of things... one being 150 people are accepted and 250 apply. Not bad odds.
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    Wow! Those are REALLY good odds!! This is for the 2nd bachelors accelerated right? Did she tell you anything about when you should hear back??
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    Yeah for the 2nd degree!! I imagine for the regular nursing program it is crazy competitive. Well the upper division application will now be online instead of mailed by advisor. So once she sends you the link and you fill it out she said 4 weeks you will get a decision.
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    How long was your interview? I'm so nervous for mine!
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    Oh don't worry, it is NOT an interview at all! She is going to tell you whether your transcripts transfer and how to prepare for upper division application.
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    How much is the program? (2nd degree BSN) for out of state student? Anyway to actually become in state during the program to get tuition reduction? Any scholarships?

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