Anyone applying for Calhoun Community College's Nursing program for Fall 2013? - page 4

I'm going insane waiting on a response to my application. Any current applicants or previous Calhoun nursing students reading this, how many points did you have? What was your GPA? I'm so nervous... Read More

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    Well, nothing today either.. if it was going to come it would have by now. I make someone at home check for me every day since I'm at work. It's pathetic.

    Has anyone called to find out if they've sent them out or when they will by any chance?
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    Not yet!
    I haven't checked today's mail; it hasn't run yet, plus I'm still at work!
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    I havent called or anything. I may email them, and see if I can get a response. I would of thought we would know something by now..
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    I just sent an email, I will let yall know when she responds. (:
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    I applied for the fall part time program, and on MyCalhoun, the class schedule listing shows there are 48 slots for it!
    Just so everyone knows!
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    Do you know how they do the scores with the 2 different programs? I wonder if they do the scoring together or the top people that applied for part time get in, and the top people for full time get in, thats what I am confused on?
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    No clue! I would assume that the top 48 who wanted Part Time get it, and the remainder get their second choice, which was probably Full Time, as long as they still want it. I only marked Part Time since that's the only program I can do (with keeping my full time job).
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    Mail has run, NO LETTER from CCC!
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    the lady emailed me back, and said 6 weeks from the application deadline.
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    so i guess next wednesday will be 6 weeks exactly.

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