Anyone applying for Calhoun Community College's Nursing program for Fall 2013? - page 4

I'm going insane waiting on a response to my application. Any current applicants or previous Calhoun nursing students reading this, how many points did you have? What was your GPA? I'm so nervous... Read More

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    so i guess next wednesday will be 6 weeks exactly.
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    I will DEFINITELY post when I get something! I am patiently waiting! BUT it would be nice to get it, so the pressure would be taken off of Micro this summer.
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    Thanks for checking!
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    UGHHH! I can't believe we have to wait another week! I've had my stomach tied in knots over this since February, and my mom won't leave me alone about it. Seriously, she calls every day asking if I've heard anything yet. Is this a mother thing or a mother-who-is-a-nurse-and-can't-wait-for-her-grown-daughter-to-get-her-life-on-track-and-finally-get-a-degree-which-just-so-happens-to-be-nursing thing??
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    your welcome!
    and yeah I know it stinks that we have to wait another week, but I was wondering if thats all she can say bc that is the maxium time that we were suppose to get them, the classes before us got theres right at 4 weeks. I was looking back, in spring there deadline was september 14, and got their letters oct 8th.
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    Where on MyCalhoun does it say there are 48 slots for PTE? I only see class sizes of 40.. I applied to full Time, so would that mean there's 120 open slots for that? I bet the letters come this week. I'm so sick of waiting for them. My mailman knows me now....hahaha
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    No letter for me today. Any luck for anyone else?
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    My mail hasn't run yet... but I assume it is going to be the same response.
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    I pulled up the schedule, like i was selecting a course, and selected the evening class 5-9pm and it said 48.
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    I called the post office and letters have been mailed!!!
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    are you serious? that makes me nervous! I live in GA so I prob wont get mine till friday
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    stephieleeaaa- What program did you apply for?
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    I AM SO SORRY BUT THEY HAVE NOT BEEN SENT! I went all the way to Decatur and NOTHING was there. I'm really sorry and I didn't mean to get anyones hopes up.

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