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I finally decided what program to apply for. 2yr, 4yr, JeffState, UAB, etc... I'm glad the stress of it all is over. I've applied to JeffState Shelby for the fall. :yeah:... Read More

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    I would like to get back to the EXTREMELY high failure rate at Jeff State. I hear from students that are in now that some quit because they just don't like it. Most however, fail math or practicals. Handwashing and asceptic techniques bites alot of people. How is this? I have a feeling at Centerpoint at least, if they don't like're out! Does anyone know why they start 50 and graduate 15?
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    I was wondering the same thing...However, I did realize last quarter that the prereqs enabled someone just out of high school to enter the program quickly. Whereas, I am working on my second degree and had to wait several semesters to finish my prereqs. Someone just out of high school can use their hs score and take one bio and apply to the program. I just wonder if age could have something to do with it. It is a pretty intensive program and w/o alot of college background it could be difficult - just my two cents - not that it means anythin
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    To the high fail rate of the Spring semester. I have a friend in this class, and the people who failed out, did so on the Math section. You have 2 attempts to pass the test, and anything below 90 is failing. I heard they may be getting rid of that professor, or at least making her/him change her/his teaching method. I have a friend who started this summer, I will try to get some info from him.
    I see alot of people posting high GPA'S and Points. I am curious how this will play out for the Fall. I have a 3.5gpa and 197 pts. Good Luck to ALL!!
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    Has anyone heard when the letters are going out?? I'm so anxious to know!
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    probably late June or early July........We still have a looooong wait. I keep hoping that maybe this year they will send them out earlier. I don't know if I can wait another month!
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    I know!!! It is killing me!! Did anyone apply to alternate schools or did you all just apply to Jeff State?? I'm thinking about applying to Wallace in Hanceville just in case.
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    I just applied to Jeff State's part time program. If I don't get in then I will try to apply at other places.
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    The deadline for Wallace is June 1.....They have changed the requirements for applying. They don't require you to submit transcripts with your app. but official transcripts do have to be into the Registrar by the deadline

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