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  1. I am considering working in Anniston. Is there any suggestions about hospitals and/or safe apt complexes?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    When I lived there we rented a house in the Golden Springs area. It is very nice there and has a good reputation. But that was more than 20 years ago, things could have changed by now.
  4. by   alabamagrad
    Thanks for the feed back esp the emails.
  5. by   psycheab
    As far as hospitals go, there are 2, Regional Medical Center and Stringfellow Memorial. Regional Medical Center (RMC) is the larger of the two and offers more in the way of patient services. You can visit their website at I'm not sure if Stringfellow has a website or not, I guess you could always try and Google it. I grew up and went to school/college in the Anniston area, so I am only speaking from my experience of having lived there as I haven't worked at either hospital. I would look at apartments in the Oxford/Golden Springs area as this is the more thriving area of the county, more places to eat and shop and generally safer.
  6. by   bamadebRN
    The pay at Anniston hospitals is PATHETIC!
  7. by   alabamagrad
    How pathetic is pathetic? If I take the job at Stringfellow, I will be commuting 2 hours and renting a motel?
  8. by   bamadebRN
    Regional Medical Ctr...$17.25/hr for RN's. I'm not sure about Stringfellow, but probably in the same ball park.

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