Very concerned about child

  1. I posted about a child that I work with in school and received good replies. I went to my employment company and told them my concerns about this issue of leaving supplies behind that child needs. My company said they would follow up and I don't know if they did. What I do know is it is no better. I began this case with "it is just a job" mentality but now on my days off I worry about this child's safety and happiness. I did not want to become so emotionally involved. I need advice on how to distance myself and understand that I can't be there all of the time? I need advice (even the harsh advice).
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  3. by   RN1989
    Unless you are caring for the child, you should not be asking about the client or receiving updates from others about the client. If you are getting too involved as the caregiver then you must excuse yourself from that pt's care. If there are truly safety issues with the child, then it is your duty to report them to your state's child protective services ASAP.
  4. by   suzanne4
    If you are concerned about their safety, then you need to report it to Child Protective Services. It is legally your responsibility to follow thru with this, and cannot be left to your agency to do. If they do not do anything, and you were the one that had contact with the child, you could be up for legal charges about this.

    Especially if centered around a school issue, it is also a teachers' responsibility as well.
  5. by   SleeplessNCA
    I didn't know where to begin. I couldn't find a place to post a new post with my topic, which also involves a child. So forgive me please if I am in the wrong area. I am a RN and I have a step daughter that has talked to me in great detail about her little brother who is almost 5 yrs old. Their mother is an alcoholic and drank with through her pregnancy with the 5 yr old. Pictures of this child show physical traits of fetal alcohol syndrome. But getting more to topic at hand, since my step daughter who is 18 has told me about how the conditions are at her mom's house, no money, cockroaches, how the child behaves and the mother's apathy regarding parenting this child, I had been drumming in my head about calling CPS. Being a nurse, I did. I didn't tell anybody....not even my husband. I wanted the call to be anonymous, although it didn't go down that route...thank goodness they only have my cell # and my name, although while relaying the info that my step daughter gave I inadvertently gave her name. Anyway, I reiterated to the intake coordinator that I did not want my step daughter involved, for that girl had been through enough dealing with her mom and the hearing CPS would cause her to go into hysterics. The person from CPS called me and wanted more info, I said I had no other info to give...then he proceeded to tell me, that he would have to speak with my step daughter.....I was upset. I had told CPS from the beginning I didn't want her involved, she has no idea I made this call. I told him that I just wanted the child checked up on and made sure he was ok, that's all. Well, my conscience got the best of me and I called my husband after that call and he was upset at me for not telling him, and he said under no circumstances is the daughter to find out. She would hate us both. I replied with would she rather have a brother that in danger or worse ending up dead? if nothing was done? and he replied, she won't see it that way, she'll see it as a revengeful act against her mother from us. Now, I feel like I shouldn't have done anything and shouldn't have called, BUT I know my role being a RN I legally have to report what I know...looking for advice and guidance from fellow nurses and nurses that were or are in a similar situation....thanks