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Starting Per Diem For a Nursing Agency

  1. 0 Hello!

    I recently took a jod for Favorite Nurses. I currently work 3 12 hour shifts at a level one trauma center in the ED. I thought this would be a great way to earn extra cash and to see how other faciltites operated.

    I am still currently getting my paper work ready. My main job is in another state and I must get my Pa liscense and drug test before I can start with them. I figured I could pick up 3-4 days a month. I will be placed in smaller community ER's within one hour from my house. I figured if I can work a 30 bed ED at a level one trauma center I would do O.K. in a 12 bed ED and make alot more.

    Does anyone have any thoughts about this agency? How do you like agency nursing? I have had many people tell me not to do it becsue there is a reason why they pay you so much money. I have been told that you get treated badly by other staff and they are not so willing to help you out becasue they know you are making alot more money than they are. I have also been told that you always get the most terrible assignments. Any comments or suggestions?
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    I am actually looking at signing on with Favorite too. I thought they were local in Wa state. My only input is to remind you that working agency at different hospitals has implications if you might ever want to work as staff at those hospital . There can be a year delay between your work as a temp and being able to apply for staff. I left my hospital of 19 years to travel and now will return home and take a travel position there but not until a year had passed could I do it.
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    Chances are if you are in a Level One trauma center, you have a ton of staff around, and many physicians. The smaller facility may have only one physician, so you will be responsible for decisions that you did not need to make before in your career.

    The salary is higher because you do not get any benefits with it. And it is probably in the same realm of what you would get if you worked overtime in your facility.

    You also have increased chances of getting cancelled as an agency nurse, something else to consider. In the past, agencies that paid more than others were also the first to get cancelled at a facility, because it means that their bill rates were higher.
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    Quote from zipporah
    I am actually looking at signing on with Favorite too. I thought they were local in Wa state. My only input is to remind you that working agency at different hospitals has implications if you might ever want to work as staff at those hospital . There can be a year delay between your work as a temp and being able to apply for staff. I left my hospital of 19 years to travel and now will return home and take a travel position there but not until a year had passed could I do it.
    Favorite is a national agency..............they have local offices.
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    In my experience, like with most things, there is good and there is bad. I've been doing agency nursing now for 7 months. I am not supplementing; this is it. I relocated and am living temporarily with my parents. Because I really couldn't sign on as staff somewhere b/c I will be moving, agency seemed like a great fit for me. I must say, some of the horror stories I had heard have not come to pass. For the most part, it's been a great experience for me. However, you must be FLEXIBLE. Coming from a top-knotch Magnet facility where I worked in the ICU and received high acuity patients and was trusted, I have been knocked from my pedestal a little! I remember how I used to feel as a staff nurse working next to the agency/contract nurse who made considerably more money than me........if you are familiar with that feeling, than that is how you will be looked upon (for the most part). Depends on the facility and how much they need you. In one hospital, in a tiny ICU, they actually called and pleaded with me to come in to take care of a IABP pt b/c no one there knew another larger hospital, staff are nice and accomodating, saying I'm doing a good job, but shift after shift after shift I get the gomers (you know what a gomer pt is, right?). If you are independent, have a strong skill base, and can put your pride aside to be floated every now and then and/or take less than thrilling pt assignments, then go for it, and smile when you make twice as much as staff b/c you know what....... I always tell the "critical ones", just about any nurse can make the effort and sign up with a local agency and join in, right? I look forward to supplementing with agency, not totally relying on it; I think that's probably the best fit. If you are able to take advantage of your husband's insurance benefits, or look into BlueCross Blue/Shield for insurance. I am still coming out way ahead and I have a pretty thorough inexpensive insurance policy. Don't forget to get nurse liability insurance, too. Should have that even if you are staff. If you have any other questions, be sure to let me know. I've learned alot in a short amount of time doing the "agency gig."
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    Thanks so much for all of your replies. I am excited to start doing this. I will still be keeping my jod doing my three twelve hour shifts in the ED, until I get married next fall and can go with my future husbands insurance. I just like the idea of going to different facilities and just doing my job without getting wrapped up in all the gossip and management issues. I love my job now and want to continue doing per diem there even after I am married, but I am tired of living there in that one place if you know what I mean. Thanks again everyone.
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    I worked with an agency for 3 years and loved it! The only reason I stopped was because I'm a single mom and the travellling was getting to be farther from home. That was hard for me and for my children.
    I only had a problem with a rude staff person at one facility. Otherwise, my experience was that the staff was so grateful for help, they were super nice and helpful. Remember that you can set the tone for that. If an agency nurse has the attitude of "I'm a better, more experienced nurse and I've worked at better places," the staff will let them fall on their face. No help at all. They want to know that we are there to help them and be a part of the team. If we are, 99% of them will be our best ally and source of help.
    Good luck and have fun!
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    Thought I would let you all know I have worked for Favorite since 1991. First as a CNA, then an LPN, then an RN. Have had very good luck with them overall.
    Good Luck
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    I just scheduled 4 shifts this month with the agency. They are nursing home shifts in nursing homes that I am familiar with. I used to draw blood at the places when I was a phlebotomist. I'll let everyone know how it goes.
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    This is my first posting and I have a question. I am an LPN with 4 years experience. I will be moving with in the next two weeks and I am interested in working agency. I have worked Med/Surg, LTC, and am currently working in a small military hospital in a general surgery clinic. I deal mostly with post surgical patients and assist with minor surgery and EGD/C-scope's. I also float to ENT and OB/GYN clinics. Is agency a good choice for me or would I be better off working PRN for a specific hospital? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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    I am new to this forum & website, so hoping I am doing this correctly; I too have been considering strongly becoming a travel nurse, mainly because I would like to be closer to my son & his family, & other family members across the country. But what I am concerned about, though I have been an RN for 25 years, & with 27 years with the same health care organization, my skills are in a small rural hospital, all depts. Would I have the skills necessary to work in some of the larger hospitals? And do they really give travel nurses the "gomer" patients? At the hospital I work at, we always treat the travel nurses well. Also, I am curious to know exactly what the hourly pay for a travel nurse is. Anytime I check with an agency, they won't come right out & tell me, but instead add in all together the hourly wage, housing stipend, & benefits package. After 27 years with the same hospital/home health organization, I am at the top of the scale at $40/hr. Do the travel agencies pay more than that per hour? Also, I have looked strongly at Favorite Nurses because they have assignments in the areas I am most interested in-in Ore, Va, & Ia, but when I contacted them, the places I was interested in listed on their web site were not available. Does that happen very often where the places a nurse wants an assignment at isn't available & "how bout this one instead?" I just don't want to make any mistakes in renting my home & leaving a secure job, but I want so much to be involved in my grandson's life, ect. Thank you for any response anyone gives me.