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Something needs to change. Is agency for me?

  1. 1 I have been a RN for 4 years now. I've Spent over a year in telemetry, and the rest of the time in the ED working as a full time staff nurse. I am getting burnt out with this job. Agency nursing has been an interest of mine for some time, I just don't know where to start. I am a 27 year old single guy with no kids, and people are tell me that working as a "FT staff nurse" at this time in my life is a waste. My schedule often sucks, and my pay checks are comical at best. I've recieved a total of 85 cents raise in the four years I have been employed at this hospital. ($22.52 increased to $23.37/hour)

    I live right outside of New Orleans, LA (approx 8 miles away). Any advise is much appreciated.

    -Where do I start? (Do I just google Louisiana agencies)?
    -Should I expect better schedules? (I am a Saint's season ticket holder and would like to attend some games this year) lol
    -Any idea what kind of hourly pay is to be expected with my experience?
    -Really any information you care to share with me is appreciated.


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    Have you ever considered moving to another state? A nurse with 4 years tele and ER can move to another state and make much more money. I'm sure the cost of living is a lot less in your area, but if I was you - branch out. Your pay does not sound right to me at all. I hope you will consider looking around. You can do better for sure!
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    You are young an single. Get in touch with some travel nurse agencies. There is still $ out there if you are willing to go anywhere.
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    Dude! Go to They have a list of the 10 best travel companies rated by the site. I took a night and applied to a bunch of the positions a while back and there are TONS of opportunities all over the US if you are willing to travel. ER is in high demand too so if you work at it a little bit, you are sure to get job offers. I am from Baton Rouge area but live in the eastern part of the state and am working in TX right now. I have been getting many offers for Tele positions, but I want to stay in ICU, so I am handcuffed for at least another 8 months or so while I gain my min required year (many want 2 years) of ICU. I'll PM u some more info.
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    Ok apparently I don't know how to PM on this site but you can email me your email to my junk email address at and I'll email you from my real email address. I was really ready to travel now because my wife just got laid off and it would have been a great vacation for us. . .anyway. . .get at me, bro.

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