Pre-Employment Testing

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    I would like to apply to a few agencies in the South Florida Area. I have been off the floor for about 9 months. I am reviewing NCLEX materials. Any advice or study tips for the agency pre-employment testing? What topics should I focus on? I am a neuro-tele nurse.
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    I always assumed that "pre-employment testing" was (as some of us affectionately call it in the military) a "whizz quiz".

    The only way to study is lay off the drugs for a few weeks
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    Not quite. I mean the competency exams.
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    Those tests are pretty easy and standard. Usually multiple choice and some dose calculations. Don't sweat it. You will do just fine.
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    I'm headed back into travel nursing and have the same question. Before my last assignment, I took no less than 32 tests to start with one particular agency; they ranged from med-surg to maths to the required JCAHO required fire-safety and OSHA tests. Needless to say there was plenty of freaking out going on about having to take Med/Surg exams after ten years in cardiothoracics. I hadn't thought about gallbladders in years! I've done a good bit of studying by simply "googling" PDDS study guides and such. My question is, does anyone know if these exams are required for every single travel assignment? i know the JCAHO ones are, but the rest as well? I'd think the exam results would be on file with the company that I just traveled with not three months ago?