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    Hey all,

    If anyone could give me a couple of suggestions/opinions on local agencies in the San Bernardino, CA area. I'm looking for per diem or contract work in ICU. Looking for top pay, agency with good reputation. I've googled and found so many. Rns (think that's the way you spell it) stands out b/c someone personally recommended them. I firmly believe word of mouth is the best reference. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks:wink2:

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    Try Westways Staffing
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    I use Access Nurses when I want to pick up oer diem shifts. :spin:
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    thanks so much for the info!
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    I have been working for Active Nursing and have been been very happy with them. I work in St. Bernardine's and Community of San Bernardino.
    Good Luck
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    Is Westways agency available in the philippines
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    Quote from pg5
    is westways agency available in the philippines
    you may want to ask this of the international nusing froum. here is their link:

    international nursing
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    I'd say try Maxim - I've worked for them since the beginning of the year and they've been great! I'll admit I'd heard some bad things before I met them, but you hear bad things about everyone - unfortunatly I know that most of the bad stuff about the other agencies in the area is true . They have been fantastic though - very reliable, pay is always correct and they take excellent care of me and my friends. Their office in Riverside covers the San Bernardino area - i know you'll love them!
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    Those are actually two of the hospitals that I've been thinking of working at. I have spoken with Agostini (have you heard of this agency?) and they have available contracts w/ these hospitals. They are very close to where I will be living. What unit do you work on? Do you know anyone who has worked these hospitals' ICU's. I am getting excited about moving out here. Will be coming from Louisiana with my new husband in two months. He'll be doing his CRNA clinicals at LomaLinda Univ Med Ctr and Arrowhead. Thanks for the info!
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    what can u say about westways

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