I am now an Agency Nurse

  1. LOL, I love that. Well I finished up all my stuff that needed to get done for the agency, tomorrow I go get my tb test read and have them fax her the results. Actually they already called me this morning for a day shift - but I didn't hear the phone and she said that she just thought maybe if I would have taken it she would have allowed me to go, but it probably wouldn't have been a good idea since she didn't have my tb results in her hands yet. Anyways, she is sending out my resume to her contacts - and I told her when I am available and she said we would touch base further this afternoon - I'm excited and bummed because I would have taken that assignment this morning.

    She wanted to know for a month my availablity because she said most of her contacts look for someone for a month or so - she said they can have me booked for 30 days which is nice since I'll know what's going on.

    I just had a thought and will ask her later but if you guys know - do we get name tags or something?!?!
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Yes, you must have an ID tag and it is now required to have your picture on it in most cases.

    Even if they gave you the shift yesterday, without a completed file in the hands of the facility where they would be sending you to, and you could have been cancelled. Especially over not having the TB test in the file.

    Best of luck to you.
  4. by   Diary/Dairy
    Good luck to you in your new job!!
  5. by   Annie2005
    Thanks, and I asked her and she told me everything - i pick up my name tag and time cards tomorrow - I make 24/per hour during the week, and 25/per hour on weekends. I also have a interview on Tuesday for a full time position m-f - so if i get that job i will still work for agency on weekends for exta cash.