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Hi All, I am a new agency nurse. I previously worked for four years as a cardiac nurse on a stepdown/tele unit. I took this job so I can be flexible with my school schedule for my BSN/MSN. I... Read More

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    Hey you guys,
    Just a quickie update...After all the grief I have gotten (eirher blatantly rude or subtle), I got sent one night to a local ED. What a difference! I loved it! I went there to task and help out, not take an assignment, but the nurses and techs and everyone was so great! After a couple of times there they introduced me to their clinical coordinator, who called my agency and got the OK to put me on their schedule, train me on their computer system, and now that is the only place I go. As I said before, I have Cardiac/Tele/Stepdown experience, but not ER so I was nervous at first, but it has so far worked out great! They were so welcoming, and willing to help me. There is a strong sense of teamwork and the staff is very close knit, but not like I am the outsider, more like welcoming me into the fold. They are truly an amazing group, and I have loved every minute of it! I have always wanted to work in an ER, and now I am. I do not take trauma patients (obviously, although everyone helps in a code), but I do get to use my education, and the MD's trust us to make decisions on the fly (for example, kid having an asthma attack, get nebs started don't wait for orders). It is so nice to finally find a place that appreciates me for my help, and I am starting to take patients on my own now that I can use their computer system.
    So to all you agency nurses, there are places where you are appreciated, you just may have to go through some trials to find the right fit.
    P.S. I still get mad when I think about all the rudeness I have put up with, because really, we are saving you from taking more patients or working longer shifts, but I guess that attitude will never change, even though some of the best nurses I know are agency.

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    I am so glad for you.... thanks and good luck

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